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5Rhythms Workshop with Amara Pagaon, Austin TX

Archaic Revival

3-Day, Outdoor, Dance and Music Festival
Deep in the Heart of Texas

June 6–8, 2014
Lisa DeLand: Sunday, 9:30–11 a.m.
in the Dome
Waller, TX

Dance, Art, Music, Song, Ceremony, Prayer, Yoga and Meditation are all archaic forms of healing and spiritual transformation that have been used for centuries by people of all cultures.

One of the primary intentions of Archaic Revival is precisely that: to REVIVE and reinvigorate these archaic healing tools for transformation.

The revial offers a wide array of interactive yoga, meditation and energy healing workshops to inspire first-timers and veterans alike. Dance is Medicine. Some of the most experienced teachers in our region teach a wide variety of dance/movement modalities from 5Rhythms to JourneyDance to TranceDance to Ecstatic Dance. Be inspired to free your body and engage with the Source of life through dance-induced altered states of consciousness.

Music and dance are universal tools for healing. They move beyond boundaries, beyond politics, beyond religion, economics, culture, custom, age and language.

Music and dance speak to the soul of freedom. It's today's shamanic call -- back to the beat, the heartbeat, back to the body, back to basics. Music touches the universal core. It touches us where we live. Dance enables and empowers us to free our bodies, express our hearts, empty our egos, awaken our souls and embody our spirits. Transformational festivals are the modern tribal rituals where communal ecstasy is a real possibility -- the moment when the crowd and the music are one, in the beat. People are ready for unity and this is our hope. This is the Archaic Revival.


Lisa DeLand

Lisa is a 19+ year practitioner of 5Rhythms and a certified teacher since 2008, offering weekly classes, series and workshops in Austin and Houston, Texas.

Festival Details  

Fri, Jun 6 4 p.m. start      
Sat, Jun 7 all day      
Sun, Jun 8 6 p.m. end      

Cost $200 | $250 at the gate    

Weekend Passes Include

• all-organic & vegan locally-farmed gourmet/buffet-style meals
• purified water
• camping
• all performances, concerts, classes and workshops
• and infinitely more! 

An open-air, outdoor camping event with indoor lodging options available at additional cost. Call 936-931-8164 to reserve your indoor spot. You must have purchased your festival ticket before making your lodging reservation. There are EXTREMELY limited indoor lodging spots available. 


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5Rhythms Workshop with Amara Pagaon, Austin TX